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The Mission of S7S
We are building the business with people and building people with the business.

Our vision is to become the world`s most efficient instructional system for leaders by giving more free people to the world than any other instructional system.

Copiable key to freedom.

System Seven is a unique supporting system, the organization of leaders with common principles and systems of value, which are representing the Nu Skin business model with joined forces all around the world, as part of the One Team Global network.

OUR GOAL: is to efficiently support Nu Skin business building, to help System Seven members to achieve personal success and to increase their Nu Skin commissions.

Strategical goals:
1) Supporting a 100 million dollar Nu Skin turnover in a profitable way by 2020.
2) Making S7S become the largest donating organization for Nu Skin of all the other distributional associations.

OUR PHILOSOPHY: Sytem Seven`s philosophy is to create a united team all around the world, with members who are working in order to achieve the same goals. It inspires people to take action for their own future`s sake and for helping others. Let`s become more through the system, let`s start to dream.
The most important message is SUCCESS!

OUR METHODS: Our business building activity is based on the S7S regulations, in conformity with the rules, regulations, ethical and professional materials of nu Skin Enterprises. Business knowledge is assured by our Golden Start Package, part of our highly efficient instructional system. The best proof of the instructional system’s efficiency are last 7 years of most explosive regional Nu Skin business results and the fact that we offer the largest specific network use in Central and Eastern Europe.

OUR ORGANIZATION: created by the founders of the system, is a company that offers instructional and organizational services for the members of S7S. The company is a for profit organization with the obligation of reinvesting its profit into development and other activities. The company does not pay commissions or profit to its owners. The aim of S7S is to support business success efficiently, contribute to the personal successes of the S7S members and to help them increase their Nu Skin commissions. In order to assure these services, the company offers a pleasant work environment for its employees and continuous development and market research. The charges of the company’s services vary depending on the country’s economical situation and the Nu Skin turnover results of the country. The prices are set yearly. The company is working based on an individual operative sphere of action and annual business plan and is being led by the Team Elite council, the executive named by TET, supervised by the Leaders’ Council.
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It’s been a long time since we first launched the System Seven My Office web page in October, 2009. According to users’ needs in those times, we have placed the greatest accent upon functionality, while design and ergonomics came only second. As you can notice, the aspect of My Office has now changed, the design matches the other online System Seven service’s called S7S Informational system. Besides the aspect, we have made the application easy to use, with clear and understandable functions. We hope that the new web page will be both useful and exciting to use for You and Your business partners.
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